2 min readJan 5, 2022
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SpritzMoon Crypto Token chooses the safety and robustness of the objectives for the growth of the 100% made in Italy project.

The decision to leave PancakeSwap to protect the safety of their Holders was an almost obligatory choice on the part of the token crypto. The future strategy focuses on listing in Exchange Cex to avoid Hackers attacks and protect all investors who have chosen and will choose SpritzMoon, believing in the robustness of the project compared to other tokens on the market.

The switch on the new 0x6fC39AC154cfd20F1951A2823Abab7ec471B783a agreement is currently underway and will be completed by the end of January. All Holders will automatically receive on their wallets the new “SpritzMoon” and switched will display the updated feed price and value, linked to CMC and Folgory Exchange.

Holders can enter or exit the token by opening an account (free of charge) at Folgory Exchange, sending their SpritzMoon tokens to SpritzMoon/Bnb and SpritzMoon/Eur. The Team is already working on quoting SpritzMoon on other key Exchanges by the first half of 2022.

Also in the first semester will be made the first donation towards a very active association in the field of prevention for moderate use of alcohol, mainly when you are driving.

More news and developments will be communicated on the official channels (Website, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Instagram) to all fans of SpritzMoon Crypto Token, as always, in real time.