SpritzMoon Crypto Token: start of a new phase 2.0?

4 min readJul 3, 2023


Deepen with the CEO the current and future development of the Spritz-inspired Crypto Token

June 2021/June 2023… has been 2 years since the birth of the Crypto Token 100% made in Italy inspired by the most famous Italian aperitif in the world, we analyze the various phases of the project with direct questions to CEO & Founder Salvatore Bortugno

Question — How do you judge the progress of these first 2 years of the SpritzMoon project?

CEO — There have been 2 difficult and troubled years for the entire Crypto sector and the prospects for the future of Altcoins are unclear. The SpritzMoon project called for an important economic commitment, with the use of 100% personal capital, for the development of Blockchain, the site, social and 2 quotations on the Exchange (of which 1 disappeared with all the liquidity paid on the Exchange) with relative supply of liquidity and daily commitment. The project is currently in a standstill pending some new developments designed to allow the token a new phase of development and growth.
I am happy for all the work done but honestly I expected a return from investment at least 30% while to date I can only say that I have only restored… but it is there; is the risk of any business activity!

Ask- What would change if you could go back to 15.6.2021?

Ceo- I would certainly structure the Initial Team better (I often found myself alone facing periods of difficulty) along with a good pre-sale phase. In addition, I would quote the token only and exclusively on Decentralized Exchange (Pancake in primis) avoiding all centralized Exchange. Exchanges are just an unnecessary cost for any crypto project (even the worst of Exchange requests figures for Listing from $30,000 up to $500,000); no one is really regulated (except maybe about ten Exchange worldwide crypto) and have fake volumes managed by bots (with all kinds of services with absurd and disproportionate costs).

Ask — So would you avoid any Exchange quotes?

Ceo- Absolutely yes. A Crypto project is really valuable if it is totally decentralized and managed by the community; it makes no sense to invest in Crypto through a Centralized Exchange, unregulated and at real risk of losing all money from one moment to the next. Another absurdity is that to withdraw from the Exchange is required to the natural person a whole series of documentation, KYC etc…. 99% of Exchanges do not have a physical location and are not controlled by anyone!

Ask — And then SpritzMoon, why is it still on Coinsbit?

Ceo- He’s right, we’re there for the moment. In the near future we will return to Pancake Swap and make our project truly decentralized with some important news! I can still say that Coinsbit is a serious Exchange managed by a team of people always present in case of difficulties.Unlike the other Exchange (Folgory) not serious and unreliable from the beginning (but we also paid them and returned money; unfortunately lost)

Ask — Can we have any?

Ce- Absolutely yes: we will completely cancel the purchase and sale commissions, we will quote with exchange USDT, we will make a weekly Burns of all those wallets that we had reserved for large investors and future quotations on Exchange (we speak of 49 wallets with each 16 mld of tokens) and we will give up token ownership!!!

Question — A real twist of the project then?

Ce- Well the experience of these two years has made us understand how this world really works and for correctness to our current and future holders we want to act in total transparency by making the project really decentralized and managed by the community.

Ask — And what will you on the Team do?

Ceo- We will manage and cure the growth of social channels (Twitter, Instagram and Telegram in primis) and develop everything foreseen by our Road Map if the market arrives capital and investors really interested in growing this beautiful token project without ever forgetting the three points/pillars of the project:
1. Creating a Community within which to develop by creating economic and social value
2. The Social aspect is one of the strengths of Crypto, part of the profits realized over time will be destined to associations engaged in projects related to the theme Spritz in prevention perspective. Live Events for all Community members in the most Spritzose premises of the moment
3. Allow all community members to use Token to drink Weekend Spritz with friends at all Community SpritzMoon Bar facilities

Ask — So recapitulating?

Ceo -
1) Within a few months we will requote SpritzMoon on Pancake Swap at a price in line with market quotations

2) We will eliminate the purchase and sale commissions, bringing them to 0%

3) There will be important weekly Wallet Burns (49 wallets affected for a total of 752,000,000,000)

4) We will completely renounce token ownership (so the project will be fully managed and led by the community)

5) There will be an Exit strategy from the Exchange by I without 2024 (making SpritzMoon a totally decentralized project)

So all we have to do is wish a great wolf mouth to SpritzMoon Crypto Token “The Token Crypto for Spritz lovers”!!